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 quacking ducks

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the kid is ready to go swimming

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Zico showing you on how to apply your lipstick perfectly in 2 easy steps
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a natural kiss for the bae after a shower (¬‿¬)

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because oranges are tasty…

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sandeul + dogs =

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real B1A4~

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Q. You’re about to go on your first ever overseas tour ‘2014 B1A4 ROAD TRIP’ ever since debut.
▲ (Gongchan) We’ve been so busy with our SOLO DAY promotions and the overseas tour that we are going out of our minds. But weirdly, even though our bodies are busy we don’t feel tired. From long ago, the overseas fans have been telling us through SNS that they want to see us. I’m looking forward to finally being able to personally meet the fans from different places.
(Sandeul) The fact that there are people looking forward to our overseas tour is amazing to us. We’re thankful that they are aware of us, listen to our songs and express their wish to see us. I want to fly there immediately.
(Jinyoung) In August we will be starting with Taiwan and Shanghai, then Manila in September. We will enjoy our time with the fans and return.

Q. You are famous for being modest, which hasn’t changed since your debut. Is it B1A4’s principle, or is it the result of training from the company?
▲(Sandeul) I think it’s both. The company never gave us very severe training but they always tell us not to lose our beginner’s mindset, and are very considerate to us. But the biggest reason is because all five of us match well without anyone being out of step.
(Jinyoung) Even when I look at us coolly and objective, none of the members are difficult to get along with, and is kind in our nature. To the point that I dare to swear upon it.
(Baro) Actually before meeting the members, I was straightforward and had no consideration for others. But living with the members taught me a lot. Everyone is really kind. And I’m sure the fans are all aware of that.

Q. Instead of a manly image, B1A4 has more of a boyish image. Do you have any plans to try a transformation?
▲ (Gongchan) I haven’t thought about a shocking transformation. We want to establish our own image the way we are doing now. When time passes, there are going to be many concepts we want to try but cannot. So we have to do them when we still can!
(Baro) I don’t think there’s any urgency about that now. Instead of forcing a transformation, I think it will be better to change naturally as time passes.

Q. How was the domestic holiday you guys had together?
▲ (Baro) Even though it’s the members who I see 24 hours a day, there may be troubles that arise considering the unfamiliar environment. I left telling myself if any friction arises we need to settle them well, but there was nothing much to compromise or settle – we matched that well. It was amazing.
(Jinyoung) I used to go on holidays often ever since I was young, but it was a trip that made me realize that there are still many nice places in Korea that I don’t know about. Even though it was for a show, we filmed it thinking of it more as a holiday than a show so I think viewers will be very comfortable watching it.
(Sandeul) There are many things that I did for the first time on the show. Fishing and camping. If I get the chance, I want to travel to many more places.

Q. We are aware you have been going back and forth while strengthening your position in Japan. How is hallyu in Japan nowadays? How is B1A4 doing there?
▲ (Sandeul) Actually we haven’t been able to promote for long periods of time in Japan. But we’re definitely a lot more love than what we expected. There is BANA JAPAN in Japan, and they are very similar to the Korean fans. Because that is why we are very comfortable there, and there really isn’t a feeling of them being like non-domestic fans.
(CNU) I think there is a steady interest in hallyu in Japan. Whenever we release a new song (in Japan), they immediately feedback to us about it. We’re very touched that they’re cheering us on even from faraway.

Q. You have no dating scandals. Are you guys really not in relationships? How do you feel about going public with your relationship?
▲ (CNU) I feel that the fans in general will not be happy about even with us just discussing whether we like or do not like to go public with our relationship, whether we receive such a question. But even if I had to choose, I would choose not to go public. Now the fans are more important to me, and I don’t want to do things that the fans do not like.
(Gongchan) I don’t even have a female celebrity I am close to. It’s to that extent that we have no chance (to date), so for the time being there won’t be any issue of our fans having their hearts broken. And if I were to have a girlfriend, I would not want to go public about it.

Q. (Jinyoung) You are involved in a lot of composing and lyric writing. How do you use the profit you make from your copyrights?
▲ My parents are managing my finances for me. I’m still young, and I know nothing about managing my money so I left it all up to my parents. I don’t intend to manage my own money until I become more of an adult with my thoughts. It’s not because of the money that I’m doing music, so I don’t want to lose that kind of mindset. (Even so, what is the one thing you want to do if you get a lump sum of money?) Music equipment. They are more expensive than you expect. If I get a huge sum of money now I would want to buy music equipment, without any hesitation.

Q. (Jinyoung) The blonde hair you had in the music video fit you really well. Why did you change it?
▲ Actually I’m not very comfortable with a style that stood out. The blonde hair was nice but it was a burden. It’s not that I disliked it or wasn’t happy with it, but I wanted to go for brown hair. That’s my hair color now, doesn’t it fit me well? I am really satisfied with it. I’m suddenly curious as to what the fans think.

Q. (Jinyoung) It’s nice to see the leader having a gentle charisma.
▲ From when I was young, I loved running for class president, or being the leader in front of my friends. I don’t want to influence the members with my strength or age. Instead of actions, I want to be a leader who can influence my followers’ heart. Even though I am not really the type to get angry, I still say all I need to say, and the members do follow me well. The driving force behind my leadership are the members who always trust and follow me.

Q. (Jinyoung) Your sensitivity is very outstanding.
▲ Do you call this sensitivity? Compared to others, I have a lot more tears. And I cry at really random moments. Instead of crying at sad movies, I cry more when I watch romance movies. I think my concept of sadness is quite different from others. And because my occupation involves me making music and I spend most of my time creating music, I try not to lose that sensitivity. I think a lot, and I try to feel a variety of emotions.

Q. (CNU) You moved from lyric writing to composing as well. Which one fits you more?
▲ They are the same, they both fit me well. So my copyright fees should be split half half as well right? When I’m writing lyrics, I think the influence of my personality is very strong. Even as a guy, I have a very weak and sentimental heart, and that is reflected in my writing. And composing is to attach a melody to the song lyrics, so it is very interesting. When I’m able to hear something that was only in my mind, the feeling is beyond words.

Q. (CNU) Through this album, you had many changes to your style. Have you thought of cutting your hair even shorter?
▲ If the fans want it, then I’ll cut it. Even shorter hair is possible. A crew cut is possible too. And my style for this album is one of many, and I wish to try a variety of hair styles in further too. Even though those who liked my long hair are feeling regretful, I trust that they will like me regardless of my hair length. Am I right?

Q. (Sandeul) You’re in the 14th cohort of Myeongji University. How are you spending your campus life?
▲ I’ve actually been so busy with schedules that I haven’t been able to attend classes, neither have I been able to actually make friends. But I’m thankful that whenever I attend classes occasionally, the seniors and classmates take very good care of me. I also want to take good care of my classmates and juniors, but I haven’t had such a chance. And I also want to attend an MT if ever possible. I want to spend as much time possible enjoying my campus life.

Q. (Sandeul) Your appearance on KBS Immortal Song is unforgettable. What is your favourite song to sing recently?
▲ Recently I like singing Kim Kwangseok’s ‘About Thirty’. Even though I’m not thirty yet, his songs are good whenever I listen to them. From the lyrical lyrics to the melody that makes me hum to it, it’s the one song that I’ve fallen into recently.

Q. (Baro) You’ve been frequently going on traveling programs. Did you like traveling, and where do you want to go to?
▲ I really like going traveling. But come to think of it, there hasn’t been once that I left to travel somewhere on a whim. It’s a pity that all the times that I could have gone traveling if I had set my mind to it have now gone to waste. That thought became even stronger after I went traveling with the members. Now, if I have any spare time, I just want to travel. And the location is without fail Spain. I want to see all the soccer stadiums I can in Spain. Spain is not even number 1 in my heart – it’s number 0.

Q. (Baro) You successfully pulled off the role of a 6 year old intellectually disabled child in SBS drama God’s Gift 14 days. Do you have any other role you would want to challenge?
▲ Actually I was suggested for another role in that drama, but the director recommended me for it so I ended up doing it. Even though I was a little impatient, I wanted to challenge myself in that role. I’m not fully satisfied with my acting, but I’m thankful that there are many people who have looked kindly upon it. If I could do it again, I think I can do so much better so there’s a lot of regret left now. A role that I’d like to do… More than a role, I want to try acting in a urgent war movie like 태극기 휘날리며 (Taegukgi) or 포화 속으로 (71: Into The Fire).

Q. (Gongchan) I saw the scene where you lifted gagwoman Kim Hyesun on KBS Escape Crisis No. 1. I’m curious where is the source of all the energy from your thin body.
▲ It’s my love of rice. I love eating so instead of energy that comes from exercising, I think it’s from the love of rice. Often you would like that people with my body shape or face are weak, but I am actually very strong. There are times that Sandeul hyung or Jinyoung hyung fall asleep in the living room because they are too tired. Those times I actually lift them up and carry them back into their rooms. (Who is the lightest?) It’s Jinyoung hyung. I exerted strength before I lifted him up, but he was lighter than I expected so I was surprised.

Q. (Gongchan) You do really well without being nervous on variety shows. Are you intending to go on variety shows often?
▲ I was really nervous but I guess it wasn’t obvious? For variety shows… So long you invite me on, I am confident I can do it. I am usually very active and I love moving around, so I actually want to go on a show like SBS Law of The Jungle. Experiencing all sorts of things to survive… It makes me want to challenge it just thinking about it. No matter what it is, so long I’m given the opportunity I will work hard to do well. There are still many sides to me that I haven’t shown you all so please look forward to it.

Open Your Heart, Open My Heart
Baro→Sandeul: While on holiday with the members this time, I made a promise with Sandeul. To go on holiday together. If it’s too hard for all five of us to find a time together, just the two of us will do. I don’t know if Sandeul remembers this promise. Anyway Sandeul-ah, I will always be waiting for you to hold yourself to that promise. Let’s go on holiday together!

Sandeul→Gongchan: As a Kyungsangdo man, I am not good with expressing myself. But this time while preparing for the concert I got very sensitive. Gongchan then whispered to me in my ears that he’s thankful I’m a fellow members so I ended up crying. I don’t know why he whispered into my ear then, but he was really sincere. Now that I look back then, it’s a little embarrassing but Gongchan-ah, thank you!

Gongchan→Jinyoung: There are times that I feel sorry for hyung, and there are times I think that he’s bearing so much responsibility just because he’s the leader. I feel even more pained whenever I see you not expressing your difficulties and always being positive. You always tell us to have strength – that may seem meaningless to some people, but whenever I hear you say that I’m always thankful. I always feel you caring for us and treating us preciously.

Jinyoung→CNU: I have lots of things to say to CNU. Even though we’re both hyungs, he is always considerate to me because I’m the leader. I’m sorry, and thank you. I feel that way to all the members, but even more so to CNU. I’ve always had such thoughts, but I’ve been too shy to express it myself normally but I want to take this chance to say it to you. CNU-ya! I feel like I can rely on someone, because you’re around. Thank you.

CNU→Baro: Baro is the person I’ve been with the longest amongst the members. And there’s even more to be thankful and sorry to him about. It’s not what I mean, but there are many times that I nag or say things that I don’t like to say. They are things that I say thinking of the best for him, but there have probably been many occasions that Baro hated to hear them. But I’m thankful that even so he follows me like my real younger brother, and listens and accepts what I have to say positively. There are many times that I regret saying what I said. But you know it’s all for your own good right? Thank you, and sorry.
Source: @Star1
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CNU’s moving the flap of the envelope so that Baro’s eyebrows appear moving

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